Green Gas Initiative

For 6 years, the Green Gas Initiative has been an important vehicle to promote our commitment to a CO2-neutral gas supply by 2050. Since the announcement of the green deal by the European Commission, renewable and decarbonized gases are widely recognized as key pillars for the energy transition. Therefore, and considering the success of our initiative, we will continue our work as of 2020 within different platforms and associations, among others Gas for Climate and Gas Infrastructure Europe. While raising awareness about green gases remains an important part of our work, we are now moving on to bringing our commitment to life by implementing projects and use of green gases at scale.

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Gas and Gas Infrastructure: The green commitment



The members of the Green Gas Initiative committed themselves to the main objective of contributing to a CO 2-neutral gas supply by 2050.

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The topics to be tackled by the members of the Green Gas Initiative in the first place will be biomethane, power to gas and gas as a fuel in road and maritime transport.

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Seven independent gas infrastructure companies form the Initiative - from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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