The members of the Green Gas Initiative (GGI) consider the combination of using biomethane, power to gas solutions and using gas as an alternative fuel for road and maritime transport as the most promising solutions for curbing climate change currently.

Biomethane - Naturally Green Gas

Biomethane is a renewable fuel with strong inherent benefits: It can be produced with a nearly constant output and quality. It can be stored, it can be traded and transported efficiently over long distances and it provides flexibility to intermittent energy resources. The GGI members discuss this topic within the working group "Biomethane".

The new report 2017 about biomethane can be downloaded at the following link : Biomethane - Naturally green gas - 2017

Power to Gas - Green energy storage

Power to gas (P2G) can be an important technology to achieve a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply. P2G is the conversion of renewable electrical power into a gaseous energy carrier. The GGI members discuss this topic within the working group "Power to Gas".

Transport – Gas is the greener fuel

Natural gas and biomethane for transportation offer great opportunities for reducing CO2 emissions in the European transport sector in the most economical way. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) are currently the best available alternatives to traditional fuels used for road or maritime transport. The GGI members discuss this topic within the working group "Mobility".

Carbon Footprint - awareness and reduction

Green House Gas emissions are a challenge which is acknoledged by the gas transmission companies. The GGI members address this topic within the working groupe "Carbon Footprint". We are committed to define and reduce the emissions from operating our gas transport systems, as well as standardize methods for quantification. We will work together with organizations/groups also committed to minimize emissions and align reporting according to accepted standards and protocols.


Detailed information and selected projects of the GGI members can be found in the recent GGI report (more).

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